As the VP of a growing technology/manufacturing company, I am pulled in a lot of directions where everything seems to be urgent, but not always important, and it’s easy to lose sight of my personal and professional development.

The big value that Kathy brings is making me think about being an executive - unfrazzled, above the fray, distinguished - in the midst of pushing hard to get things done. She serves as my sounding board…we talk through challenges; she gives me a different perspective; holds me accountable; and most importantly she tells me the truth in a way I can hear it. I value our partnership.

Kathy has worked with our organization from top to bottom for the last several years. She has been instrumental in helping to guide and shape everything from our strategic vision to sharpening our skills as a team to perform at a higher level.

Kathy doesn’t just stand there and hold a mirror in front of you; she is a true coach who invests the time and her years of expertise to pull out the best of your potential for the greater good of the organization. I wouldn’t make a final mission-critical team decision without input from Kathy.

I have worked with Kathy for several years and her insight and expertise was invaluable to me as I transitioned into executive management. I relied quite a bit on her expertise in developing strategic plans for the organization.

I particularly value being able to bounce things off of her and how she was helps me think through issues without emotion, and then develop a strategy to effectively manage these issues. She has helped me grow both personally and professionally.

Going into coaching, I was prepared to face some hard truths about myself professionally. I had no idea how enlightening this would be for me personally also. Those two worlds are so closely linked and are now both benefiting from my time with Kathy.

From our very first meeting, I knew Kathy would be an integral force in my life. She continues to be so even after our coaching has ended, and I will be forever indebted to her.

Kathy facilitated the implementation of our organization's Leadership Development Program five years ago. Her talent and insight helped steer us in the right direction and led to the realization of a successful, long-term program that continues to produce insurmountable benefits.

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About Kathy

Kathy Baske photoOriginally from Chicago, I spent 25 years in television, working in Minneapolis, New York City, Norfolk, Raleigh and Washington D.C., where I had wonderful experiences and worked with lots of smart, fun, passionate people. When I felt I was “fully cooked” in broadcasting, and was ready for my next adventure, I hired a coach who helped me get clear that what I loved to do and did well was coaching others to reach their potential.

That led to 200 hours of coach-training and a move to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Roanoke, which has allowed me the opportunity to truly engage as part of this wonderful community. I currently serve on the board of Saint Francis Service Dogs, and am the past chair of the Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce. I have developed a regional leadership development program, called The Shaka Project, in partnership with leaders in Lynchburg and the New River Valley. I recently served on the Virginia Governor’s Council on the Status of Women. In 2007, I was the recipient of the YWCA of the Roanoke Valley Women of Achievement Award for Business.

While I am an independent practitioner, I am also an associate of The Pyramid Resource Group, one of the top corporate coaching companies in the United States. Through my association with Pyramid, I can offer larger scale initiatives and provide coaches to organizations that would be best served by the services of more than one coach.

On the personal side, I am married to Mark Young, former sales manager turned artist, and we have a wise, loving black lab whose behavior seems to defy the hours we spend training her. Hopefully she and I will complete therapy dog training this year. I am an enthusiastic, if not always successful cook, who continues to experiment on my most tolerant and sometimes unsuspecting family and friends!