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Team Coaching

If you’ve read much about team dynamics you may be familiar with the Tuckman model that suggests teams go through four stages of development: Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing. He suggests that these phases are all necessary and inevitable for a team to grow and to truly become a high-performing team. Of course, if you’ve been on a team that is storming, you know that it doesn’t seem like you will ever get past the pain into a place of productivity … and not all teams do!

Team coaching is an effective way to support teams looking to achieve ambitious objectives for an organization; ad hoc teams that have come together for a special project; new teams needing to gel quickly; or to simply help a team move forward in a more productive way.

I enjoy working with teams, whether it is to help with strategic planning, team building, or supporting them through the team development process in a longer-term engagement through a process called the Team Advantage.

The Team Advantage is a transformational process that accelerates team development. Teams create and execute an organizational game plan and play for an extraordinary business goal while learning to work together more effectively. The Team Advantage goes beyond team building and is based in the technology of coaching.

What makes it work?

Coaching - Coaching moves teams to higher levels of performance by challenging the ways in which they create and collaborate. Coaching holds people accountable for doing what they commit to.

Ownership – The team creates and takes ownership of the game plan to achieve something extraordinary. It is their game plan.

Relevance – The goal is a real business need and can often reshape or catapult the entire business, beyond this team.

Sustainability – Teams will have new habits and behaviors they can sustain, as well as an easily adaptable business planning format.