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Executive Coaching

Every organization has its own culture and rhythm. It has pressures, constraints, huge goals and a diverse group of individuals who need to work together to make magic happen. Leaders in those organizations have a tremendous responsibility to themselves and to those they lead to continually refine their skills and evolve. What works in one company, at one point in time, with one set of employees or challenges, does not necessarily translate to new opportunities in changing times.

Coaching offers these “leaders of leaders” the opportunity to better understand the challenges they are facing and to break through their old thinking and habits so they can evolve in a sustainable and evolutionary way.

How it works

A typical executive coaching relationship begins with a half-day, in-person session at your office to get to acquainted and set goals. After the initial session, coaching continues for two to three hours per month.

The length of the engagement depends upon your goals for coaching. Think of coaching as a process. Many people create change for themselves in a short time, but to refine and sustain the changes takes several months, which is why a commitment of a minimum of six months of coaching is recommended and necessary.

Oftentimes, especially at the executive level, it is helpful to get 360 feedback from direct reports and peers to help identify and fine-tune leadership behaviors. I offer a confidential 360 interview process that is customized to your needs.

Choosing a coach

Finally, one of the most critical parts of the coaching relationship is the rapport between the coach and the client. It’s a very special relationship and it is important to have a comfort level for both parties.. For that reason, I offer a complimentary coaching session so that you can get a sense of how it feels to be coached, and we can both determine if we would be a good match. To schedule, either email me at kathy@kbyoung.net or call me at 540-977-3755.